Individual therapy

People sometimes reach a point where they need extra help in their lives. You might feel overwhelmed by a particular event, such as the end of a relationship, a bereavement, or redundancy.   Or you might feel stuck in patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that make you unhappy and that you would like to change. Counselling or psychotherapy can help you to make sense of these struggles.

You may want to talk about:

  • Painful or uncomfortable feelings that don’t make sense to you
  • Relationships that are unfulfilling or constantly disappointing
  • Behaving in ways that you don’t like
  • Confusion about what it is you want in your life
  • Feeling trapped by the expectations of family or friends
  • Wanting to make changes in your life but not knowing where to begin

Whatever has prompted you to come, and whatever emerges in the sessions, I will provide the space to explore what is going on and look for new ways of being in the world. You might find that just a few sessions are enough to help you through a particularly difficult time. Or you might choose to enter into a longer period of psychotherapy so that more long-standing difficulties can be unravelled and understood.