I offer supervision to therapists at any stage of their career, whether working privately or in an organisational setting. My goal is to develop a robust supervisory relationship that enables supervisees to work thoughtfully, creatively and ethically.

As a supervisor, I bring a mix of support, nurture, direction and challenge.  I am committed to helping supervisees develop their own expertise and grow in confidence.  At the same time, I hope to share my own experience, skills and knowledge, so that supervisees can build on these in their own practice. 

I offer specialist supervision to therapists working with couples, in particular to those whose core training is in individual therapy. Therapists who are new to the role can often underestimate the challenges and complexities of this work. You may find yourself struggling to work with the relationship rather than with the individual partners. Or you may notice that your couple sessions never seem to reach the depths of your individual sessions. With many thousands of hours of experience, I can help you make sense of the dynamics and projections, link theory and practice, and increase your capacity to work with more than one client in the room. 

While most of my supervision work has been with psychotherapists, I also offer therapeutic supervision to a wide range of other professionals, including academics, medical professionals, voluntary sector workers and family lawyers.  I have completed the supervision conversion course run by Family Law in Partnership, and am on their register.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet for an initial session.